Advanced Online OSINT Training for the Private Sector

An Advanced Open Source Intelligence Training for Corporate Researchers & Private Investigators

A Blended Online OSINT Training (BOOT)
This is an 'open' course. Employees from different organisations and self-employed people may attend.

Course Code Class: BOOT-R-A

CPD Credits: 40 Hours


For this course, there are no pre-requirements.

Covering everything you need to know about OSINT, including but not limited to:-

  • Legislation that governs and assists Corporate Researchers & Private Investigators
  • Latest OSINT techniques
  • Little known OSINT techniques
  • Legally compliant investigation processes
  • How to stay safe when you investigate
  • how to get the most out of researching social media platforms, including but not limited to: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, VK/NK
  • using Databases to identify people
  • blogs, forums & similar platforms
  • Researching Digital Images & Photographs Online
  • Emails as an Investigative Resource
  • Dark Web
  • Grading Open Source Intelligence
  • OSINT Research Reporting & Flowcharts


Introduction to the training

Introducing the process of the course, your trainer & Axeten

Introducing OSINT Capabilities

The Use of Open Source Intelligence in Investigations.  This module is mandatory

Introducing the Research Process

The Process of Online Research into People. This module is mandatory

Legislation & Policies

Relevant to OSINT in the UK & Europe. The Public Authority version of this module is significantly longer, covering IPA2016 & CPS Guidelines

Creating and Managing a False Persona

Explains and demonstrates the set up of an effective online false persona for OSINT research purposes

Computer Security & Footprints

Explains and demonstrates how a computer can be kept safe and how its on-line footprint can be identified & altered

Understanding the Internet & Investigating Websites

Explains how the Internet developed, its structure and the basic processes of investigating websites

Google & Advanced Search Techniques

Explains how best to carry out online research using Google, the most popular search engine

Other Search Engines & Meta Search Engines

Explains how best to carry out online research using a variety of search engines, to locate relevant information

Introduction to Social Media Platforms

Identifying People Through Their Social Media Activities

LinkedIn & Similar Platforms

Demonstrates the wealth of information stored on the social media site LinkedIn and other similar sites. Includes practical tasks

Photo & Video Social Media Platforms

Demonstrates the wealth of information available from digital images, from the popular photo & video related social media sites such as Instagram & YouTube. Includes practical tasks.

Twitter Research

Demonstrates the wealth of information stored on the popular social media platform, Twitter. Includes practical examples

Facebook Research

Demonstrates the wealth of information stored on the popular social media platform, Facebook and how to use advanced techniques to find accurate and valuable information. Includes practical tasks

Other Social Media Platforms

Introduces to the trainee to a number of popular social media sites that they may not have yet encountered, including VK / OK. Includes practical tasks

Databases & How To Use Them as An Investigative Resource

Introduces and demonstrates the many databases available to an OSINT researcher

Researching People Using Blogs, Forums & Similar Platforms

Demonstrates the wealth of information stored in blogs, forums & similar sites and how to use advanced OSINT techniques to find assist in identifying those posting to them or using them

Researching People Using Online Sales & Auctions Sites

Shows the delegates the search tools and techniques to use to identify those behind postings & accounts for online sales and auction sites

Researching Digital Images & Photographs Online

This module covers the number of investigative options open to you when Researching Digital Images & Photographs from Online site

Understanding Emails as an Investigative Resource

Explains and demonstrates the structure of an email address and how to trace all types of email

Other Investigative Resources

Demonstrates how to use other investigative techniques available to the OSINT researcher, (including Document Identification & The Internet of Things). Includes practical tasks

An Introduction To The Dark Web

Provides an overview of the Dark Web with specific information relating to safe research

Grading Open Source Intelligence

A practical look at grading Open Source Intelligence

OSINT Research Reporting & Flowcharts

Graphic reporting techniques

This Advanced Open Source Intelligence training has 15 modules.
If you do not want to take all 15 modules, one of our 5 to 11 module courses might work for you.
If that doesn't work, and you have 12 or more trainees, consider a customised private training.
If that doesn't work, contact Axeten, tell us what you want, and we'll do our best to deliver.

Prepare for the online training, with study at home, in the office or while traveling on public transport.
The Axeten blended online course provides flexibility, while delivering an up-to-date and comprehensive OSINT training service.
We find that the slower delivery over 16 weeks, allows for better retention of information, than an intensive 5 day classroom training.

Also, the online training causes less disruption for the Organisation's business processes.
Delegates might have the opportunity to apply what they have learned to their regular work processes, immediately.

By default, all Live Online Training is delivered within the UTC 0 time zone.
Axeten has the capacity to deliver in other time zones.

The typical weekly study time requirement, varies from 2 to 3 hours, depending on the module and the delegate's existing knowledge.

There are 15 modules providing a term of 16 weeks.

On the assigned day of each week, by e-mail one module of the Blended Online OSINT Training material, is delivered to each delegate.
The material is in Printed Document Format (PDF).
Within the following seven days, the delegate should study the material provided and perform any practical examples.

On the same day of the following week, the Live Online Training will be available to all delegates.
By e-mail, each delegate is sent a reminder, 24 hours and 1 hour before the upcoming Live Online Training commences.

One Live Online Training is provided each week, with a duration from 30 to 120 minutes.

Each Live Online Training will commence with a review the subject matter and a Q&A session; so delegates can ask any questions concerning the current module.

The trainer provides explanations and where necessary, live demonstrations so that all delegates are sure they understand the subject matter of the current module.
Then, the trainer will set a quick quiz for the delegates, and depending on the results;
the trainer will discuss with the trainees, the outcome of the quiz and any wider implications concerning the module subject matter.
The trainer will exercise the option to deliver more live demonstrations for the trainees to observe.
After that, there might be another Q&A.

The Live Online Training is delivered through the secure GoToTraining platform,
that can be accessed from your office, from the delegate's home or even from a mobile device.
The smartphone app is excellent. It really is viable to attend the training on a mobile device.
However, to fully participate and to perform any tasks set by the trainer, during the Live Online Training, its always more productive to be on a computer with two monitors.

The intention is that, by the end of  each Live Online Training, every delegate shall have the capacity to perform the OSINT research relevant to the current module.
At the end of the Blended Online OSINT Training, monthly updates to changes in the OSINT space are provided by e-mail to each delegate that signs up for the monthly OSINT newsletter.

At the end of each weekly Live Online Training, any client organisation might request that each of their delegates should take a short online test.

At the end of the Blended Online OSINT Training, there is an option for each trainee to take the final exam and receive a certificate.

There is no obligation to purchase all modules in the Blended Online OSINT Training.
You can choose the modules you want, and the price is adjusted accordingly.
However, the training process does have a natural progression that might be compromised where any module might be omitted and, OSINT is dynamic and is changing all the time.
Axeten constantly updates the training material, so that even the most experienced of researchers might be made aware of new techniques that might compensate for other techniques that have been excluded.

With no extra cost, one person within the client Organisation, who has an oversight requirement, shall have the capability to engage in any Live Online Training.
The person with oversight has the right to engage with the trainer and to ask any questions
Also, a request can be made to Axeten to record the Live Online Training.
There is no additional fee for the recording service.
Delegates can login and then watch and listen to the recording.

Scope: A comprehensive and extensive training course, covering all matters relating to OSINT.

Audience: Designed for Corporate researchers and Private investigators.

Jurisdiction: The Legal and Policy module relates primarily to the UK. Otherwise, the principles taught relate to any jurisdiction. Axeten is developing Legal and Policy modules for other jurisdictions.

Provisioning: PDF files and interactive Live Online training.

Format: One module each week. Starting with the PDFs and ending with the interactive Live Online training.

Duration: 16 weeks, or less depending on your module selection.

Requirements: No specialist equipment is required, just a standard desktop or laptop computer with a good Internet connection and a Firefox Browser. A webcam & a microphone is optional.

Data Protection: Each organisation and all its trainees, that take the training are responsible for protecting the data that might be processed during the training. Do not leak data to corporate interests. To do this, avoid the use of the Chrome or Edge Browsers.

Copyright: Each recipient of the training is obliged to protect the course material. There is no right to distribute the material to anyone else. This includes people inside your organisation.

Security: Each recipient of the training, and any purchasing organisation,  is obliged to ensure that all computers and devices used during the course, are not compromised, so the material is not distributed unintentionally.

Weekly Tests: These are optional. The client organisation can set the pass mark. So that a pass allows the trainee to progress to the next module. 

Examination Availability: Each trainee has the option to take a final exam.

Examination Outcomes: Pass mark is set by the client. Otherwise, it is 70%.  

Accreditation: CPD Credits: 40 Hours

Volume Discount: 10% on any single Purchase Order for 10 or more places.

Deferred Training: Using training seats purchased at a discount: All trainees shall commence a training within 12 months of the date of the purchase order.

Sign-up: Please contact Axeten to sign-up for the training or to request more information.

May Advanced OSINT Course
Course Code: BOOT-R-A-21-05
CPD Credits:
40 Hours
Start on:
Tuesday 4 May 2021
First live online training:
Tuesday 11 May 2021
Last live online training:
Tuesday 17 August 2021
Weekly live online training:
11 am GMT each week

15 modules over 16 weeks

£752+VAT per trainee
July 2021 Advanced OSINT Course
Course Code: BOOT-R-A-21-07
CPD Credits:
40 Hours
Start on:
Wednesday 14 July 2021
First live online training:
Wednesday 21 July
Last live online training:
27 October 2021
Weekly live online training:
11 am GMT each Week

15 Modules over 16 weeks

£752+VAT per trainee
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