Axeten OSINT Training Modules Private Sector (Online Delivery)

Axeten III (OSINT) Private Sector Training Modules

The Online training, the Distance Learning Course & the Classroom training all use the same 15 modules

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No. Module Name Description Duration in Hours:Mins
Prep LOT Test Total
1A Introduction to the training Introducing the process of the course, your trainer & Axeten 2:00 1:30 0:30 4:00
1B Introducing OSINT Capabilities The Use of Open Source Intelligence in Investigations.  This module is mandatory
1C Introducing the Research Process The Process of Online Research into People. This module is mandatory
2 Legislation & Policies Relevant to OSINT in the UK & Europe. 1:00 1:00 0:15 2:15
3 Creating and Managing a False Persona Explains and demonstrates the set up of an effective online false persona for OSINT research purposes 2:00 1:30 0:15 3:45
4 Computer Security & Footprints Explains and demonstrates how a computer can be kept safe and how its on-line footprint can be identified & altered 1:00 1:00 0:15 2:15
5 Understanding the Internet & Investigating Websites Explains how the Internet developed, its structure and the basic processes of investigating websites 1:00 1:00 0:15 2:15
6A Google & Advanced Search Techniques Explains how best to carry out online research using Google, the most popular search engine 1:30 1:15 0:30 3:15
6B Other Search Engines & Meta Search Engines Explains how best to carry out online research using a variety of search engines, to locate relevant information
7A Introduction to Social Media Platforms Identifying People Through Their Social Media Activities. Introducing Messaging Apps and Emulators. 1:30 1:15 0:30 3:15
7B LinkedIn & Similar Platforms Demonstrates the wealth of information stored on the social media site LinkedIn and other similar sites. Includes practical tasks
8A Photo & Video Social Media Platforms Demonstrates the wealth of information available from digital images, from the popular photo & video related social media sites such as Instagram & YouTube. Includes practical tasks. 2:00 1:15 0:30 3:45
8B Twitter Research Demonstrates the wealth of information stored on the popular social media platform, Twitter. Includes practical examples
9A Facebook Research Demonstrates the wealth of information stored on the popular social media platform, Facebook and how to use advanced techniques to find accurate and valuable information. Includes practical tasks 2:00 1:15 0:30 3:45
9B Other Social Media Platforms Introduces to the trainee to a number of popular social media sites that they may not have yet encountered, including VK / OK. Includes practical tasks
10 Databases & How To Use Them as An Investigative Resource Introduces and demonstrates the many databases available to an OSINT researcher 1:30 1:00 0:15 2:45
11A Researching People Using Blogs, Forums & Similar Platforms Demonstrates the wealth of information stored in blogs, forums & similar sites and how to use advanced OSINT techniques to find assist in identifying those posting to them or using them 1:30 1:00 0:30 3:00
11B Researching People Using Online Sales & Auctions Sites Shows the delegates the search tools and techniques to use to identify those behind postings & accounts for online sales and auction sites
12 Researching Digital Images & Photographs Online This module covers the number of investigative options open to you when Researching Digital Images & Photographs from Online site 1:15 1:00 0:30 2:45
13 Understanding Emails as an Investigative Resource Explains and demonstrates the structure of an email address and how to trace all types of email 1:15 1:00 0:15 2:30
14A Other Investigative Resources Demonstrates how to use other investigative techniques available to the OSINT researcher, (including Document Identification & The Internet of Things). Includes practical tasks 1:30 1:00 0:30 3:00
14B An Introduction To The Dark Web Provides an overview of the Dark Web with specific information relating to safe research
15A Grading Open Source Intelligence A practical look at grading Open Source Intelligence 1:15 1:00 0:15 2:30
15B OSINT Research Reporting & Flowcharts Graphic reporting techniques