Modular OSINT Classroom Training

Axeten OSINT Classroom Training with a Modular Format
Our extended 5 Day OSINT & Social Media Research training has been divided into 14 modules. The modules allow you to pick and choose the training you require.
Time and money is saved where you already have high competency or do not require a module.

All of the modules have a theory and demonstration component which is usually about 70 minutes. Most modules provide a practical option, which might extend the module by 30 to 90 minutes, depending on the complexity of the practical component.

Always Up to Date
All modules offered by Qwarie are regularly updated, so that course content and material is current. Two new modules have been created recently:
Module 11A - Investigating Blogs, Forums & Other Similar Sites and
Module 11B - Identifying People Using Online Sales & Auctions Sites,

PTAMS & Course Planning
Our Pre-Training Assessment for Module Selection (PTAMS) is an on-line test that evaluates a researcher’s OSINT knowledge and skills.
The results of the test determines an accurate training profile for each researcher.

Course Management
During a training, Axeten is flexible with the timing of morning & afternoon short breaks, and the longer lunch break. The training is intensive; we do recommend no more than 7 hours of training each day.
There is an option to verify the progress of delegate, with an online test at the end of each module. However, we find that this creates more pressure in an already short term intense training.
For clients that do want to monitor the progress of their delegates, the online training environment is preferable.