Axeten Secure Remote Desktop

The safe and secure solution for home-working with scalability

What, Where, Why, How?

Axeten performs intelligence investigations for its customers and we supply a safe platform for UK Police Forces and other government agencies to perform on-line investigations with off-line evidence management.

The infrastructure is secure and the day to day operational user activity is safe.  

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, as more employees work from home, select corporate customers, particularly in the intelligence sector, are acquiring the Axeten Secure Remote Desktop, that is designed for Law Enforcement.

Now, we are making that same Law Enforcement secure platform technology available to anyone.


  • No Work time lost to employee personal matters
  • Prevent personal e-mail
  • Prevent personal Social media activity
  • Prevent personal on-line shopping
  • Prevent personal web-browsing
  • No Risk of misappropriation of work related data
  • Prevent download to local
  • Prevent copy to USB
  • Prevent send by personal e-mail
  • Prevent send by Skype, WhatsApp etc

Secure your workspace so that employees are aware that they work in your safe and protected cloud environment.


At Axeten, we don't advise or consult about on-line security.

We simply do it, everyday, and we can deliver the same secure platform to you, tomorrow!

  • Remote desktop with a familiar user environment
  • Windows 10 or Linux Ubuntu
  • Data sharing on demand
  • Network replication on demand
  • Customization on demand
  • Support options to suit your business
  • No term contract. You can terminate the service at any time