Weekly III (OSINT) Module Tests

The Optional Weekly III (OSINT) Module Tests

The weekly tests are optional but recommended. However, a client organisation might require their delegates to take the weekly tests.
The format of the weekly tests is the same as the final exam. By taking the weekly tests, the trainee prepares for the final exam.



The weekly test can be taken by trainees regardless of the delivery format.

With the the Blended Online OSINT Training (BOOT)

Each week a Module Test is available for 24 hours from the end of the Live Online Training.
The test is online and has 5 or 10 questions, depending on the module.
Module 15 has no weekly test.
The answer to each question is selected from a multiple choice, to allow for instant marking.

or with the Managed Distance Learning Course (DLC) this is easy.

For the weekely test Axeten does nto set any pass-mark.


Customer Oversight
The client organisation can set a pass mark.
The client organisation can view the test scores for all of their employees.

The client organisation has the option to require a pass, before proceeding to the next module.

Where a trainee might not pass any Module Test, a retake can be taken.
The retake interval begins 24 hours after the end of the Module Test, and has a duration of 24 hours.

A retake does reduce the number of days available for study of the next module.
Any delegate that does not acquire the pass mark, even after 24-48 hour retake interval, can defer.
Because the Blended Online OSINT Training and the Managed DLC both commence in the first week of each month, there is the option to defer to the next month.
A client organisation might allow trainees to defer.
Deferment allows the trainee to retake a Module Test the following month. Where the pass mark is attained, the trainee is moved to the next monthly training sequence, to resume their training.

At the end of a course, there is an option to take a final exam and to receive a certificate.