axe10 is a desktop software application for the lawful processing of OSINT investigations. A GDPR compliant record is taken of the whole investigation process. Within that process, all of the pages that are visited are logged with a timestamp and visits to the same page are counted. Internet searches are logged and counted, all material is forensically preserved and sensitive material can be managed for restricted display. axe10 auto generates a Case eBundle that includes an editable report (all edits are logged), five separate logs, all material and the hashing values of the material.
The case eBundle generated from an investigation, preserves all the material and creates an audit log of all pages visited during the investigation process.  Material that has been gathered but is not used in the report is recorded in a separate Unused Material Report.
axe10 app can be deployed in any jurisdiction.

axe10 can be deployed to forensically gather into a single Case eBundle all of the offline digital material that relates to an investigation.

axe10: Deployment Options

axe10 can be deployed on a local desktop or on a cloud  (remote) desktop.

axe10 Local Desktop

  • Easy install on your local desktop
  • Simple firewall management
  • VPN Option & Mobile Proxy Option


axe10 Remote Desktop

  • Amazon Workspace remote desktops
  • Optional user monitoring
  • Safe VPN gateways in and out


More on axe10 deployment Options

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