axe10 is a software application that facilitates process driven III (OSINT) investigations, and offline investigation management with eForensic and eDisclosure capabilities that comply with the legislation. The axe10 has exceptional III capability, but significantly, it allows material to be gathered from any off-line digital source, that might be a photograph of an exhibit, a forensics preserved and prepared for case management with separate reports and management capabilities for unused material and sensitive material.
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axe10: Six Applications with Different Capabilities

  • axe10 CVL a civil investigation solution, with integrated case management
  • axe10 LEGAL easy and secure preparation of a case for litigation
  • axe10 JUSTICE a for delivery of evidence in a court of law.
  • axe10 Lite a free and easy to adopt III investigation application

Local Desktop

  • Easy install on your local desktop
  • Simple firewall management
  • VPN Option

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Remote Desktop

  • Amazon Workspace remote desktops
  • Optional user monitoring
  • Safe VPN gateways in and out

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