The Accreditation Process for the Axeten OSINT Training Services

The Continuous Professional Development Accreditation Process


Axeten CPD Certificate


The Axeten courses have been assessed and accredited by the The CPD Group.

For accreditation purposes, each module is treated as a separate course. Therefore, each module is assigned credits specific to that module.

Consequently, a CPD certificate is provided by The CPD Group to Axeten for each module.

The course certificates provided by Axeten, to trainees that pass the final exam, include all of the respective CPD certificates.

CPD credits are not available for attendance only. Each trainee is required to pass the Final Exam to receive CPD credits.

The CPD accreditation process has been long and detailed. Each module has been carefully assessed.

The assessment included a detailed assessment of the:-

  • training objectives
  • learning outcomes
  • print format material  (where appropriate)
  • recordings of live online trainings
  • exam questions and answers