Axeten provides both public and private speaking services on the subject matter of evidence location, eForensics and eDisclosure.
We explain how to locate and gather evidence safely, and how to secure the evidence for prosecution or civil litigation.

Axeten public speaking at live events & online



Online via a webinar, or in person at a 'live' event.


What's Special About an Axeten Presentation?

A choice of a short presentation with screenshare demonstrations, or a longer 'live' presentation with active location and gathering of evidence, followed by an explanation of the process to secure the evidence, so that it might be safe for prosecution or civil litigation.


Axeten Flexibility

A presentation may have a short duration of 30 minutes. Longer presentations may run for two hours.

The subject matter and duration may be carefully specified by the client to provide optimal benefit for the audience.

Are you looking for a Guest Speaker, for your meeting, event or conference?

Take advantage of our experience as a research provider, and don't hesitate to contact Axeten to discuss your ideas and requirements or to make a request with a proposed subject matter, duration and date.