Axe10app Deployment on a Local Desktop

The axe10app is quick and easy to install on any local desktop. The app is a Mozilla Firefox extension. TCP Port 80 access through an organisation firewall is required.

We recommend all OSINT/III researchers deploy the Firefox browser for research, as browsing activity is not leaked to the browser provider.

For all other internet activity, we recommend the Brave Browser. Brave is a Chromium fork, but unlike the Chrome browser, it does not leak browsing activity to Google.

Firefox for OSINT/II research and Brave for everything else.

The added advantage of using Brave for all non-OSINT/II research activity, is that there is no risk of inadvertently compromising the research with un-related browsing activity.

Be wary of using an Chrome extension for OSINT/III extension for research. All your activity is leaked to Google;

Brave cannot protect your browsing activity if you install a Chrome OSINT/II extension to Brave.



Axe10app Deployment on Secure Remote Desktop (Axe10 Cloud)

The Axe10app on a AWS cloud computing desktop Amazon WorkSpaces, running Windows 10, with an option for a Linux OS.

Companies and organisations large and small benefit from a platform approved by the National Policing Information Risk Management Team (NPIRMT).

Amazon Workspaces are configured by Axeten for optimal and legally compliant investigation capability, compliant with the Management of Police Information (MoPI) standard and delivered with the Axe10app pre-installed.

Axe10 Cloud further mitigates any risk with user monitoring software, to ensure compliance with your operating standards and policies.


axe10app Audit Log

The Audit Log saves a record of all processing activity. Also, there is a log for s=recording search engine queries with a counter for the same query.


The Case eBundle

All processing activity is save in a single Case eBundle that includes the Audit Log, the hash files and the Report. The Case eBundle can be exported for wider distribution and imported for further processing.


axe10app Security

axe10app has native security for the management of sensitive material and the management of exculpatory material.


Case Hosting & Storage

Secure case hosting on the AWS Cloud. Share a case bundle internally or permit third party access and download to a specific case bundle.