Axeten Trainers

Gill Dixon (formerly Cuff)Qwarie Senior Trainer - Gill Cuff

Senior Trainer

Gill is a former South Yorkshire Police Officer and Norfolk Police support staff, Home Office Accredited Communication Data Investigator and qualified Digital Media Investigator.

  • Retired from support role with Norfolk Police in 2015
  • Open Source Intelligence Investigator & Trainer
  • Malicious Communications Investigator & Trainer
  • Digital Media Investigator
  • Communications Data Investigator & Trainer
  • Subject Matter Expert, associated with the UK College of Policing
  • Home Office trainer - Office for Communications Data Authorisations
  • Security Clearance: SC until August 2021

Gill Dixon's CV


John WaferQwarie Senior Trainer - John Wafer

Senior Trainer

John Wafer is a law enforcement professional with an exceptional understanding of OSINT and how it can be deployed as an investigative tool.

Also, John has a detailed, understanding of the relevant legislation and the experience to implement robust compliance. This has been core to the success he has achieved as an investigator.

John Wafer CV


Assistant Trainers

Axeten has nine assistant trainers. Most of the time, they are performing OSINT research, training new recruits on the research team and when required, assisting Senior Trainers on courses, that have a significant practical component, and where the number of delegates exceeds 10.