The private Blended Online OSINT Training (BOOT) Courses all require considerable background reading.

They are available as private group online courses for up to 20 trainees.

Ideally, the back-ground reading is preparatory where the PDF document(s) are read in the week preceding the Live Online Training.

From a selection of 18 Modules, Axeten delivers a choice of 6 online courses.

The courses teach safe and legally compliant internet investigation techniques to the standard required for a Public Prosecution. 

Typical objectives might include but are not limited to processing for:-

  • Insurance Fraud
  • Pre-employment Checks
  • Customer & Supplier Due Diligence
  • Brand Protection & Counterfeit Fraud
  • Cyber Threat & Security Intelligence
  • Political Threat Assessment

These Blended courses require a considerable commitment from each trainee.

Why Train with Axeten?

  • Axeten Specialises in OSINT
  • Up to date OSINT training material
  • Free follow-up e-mail updates
  • Online & gradual learning with high retention
  • Only available as a private group training
  • Examination & Certification with CPD Credits
  • One 18 module Advanced OSINT course
  • A choice of 5 short courses
  • Extensive background reading required
  • The Foundation Course is recommended for:-
  • Team Leaders & career OSINT professionals
  • Legal & compliance officers, and;
  • IT personnel supporting OSINT practitioners

More reasons to train with Axeten

Private Blended Online OSINT Training Courses (prices/course) for up to 20 trainees

The Foundation Course

Modules: 5
Code: BOOT-R-F
Term: 6 Weeks
Price: £4,041
The Legal & Safe Processes for OSINT Practitioners.
Next course: On Demand

The OSINT Essentials Course

Modules: 4
Code: BOOT-R-E
Term: 5 Weeks
Price: £3,591
The Essential Capabilities of an OSINT Practitioner.
Next course: On Demand

The Social Media Course

Modules: 3
Code: BOOT-R-S
Term: 4 Weeks
Price: £3,141
Facebook, X (Twitter), Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and many more
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The Deep & Dark Course

Modules: 3
Code: BOOT-R-D
Term: 4 Weeks
Price: £3,141
Databases & Marketplaces, Blogs & Forums, News Media & Dark Web
Next course: On Demand

The New Tools Course

Modules: 3
Code: BOOT-R-T
Term: 4 Weeks
Price: £3,141
Data Breach, Command Line processing & Advanced Applications
Next course: On Demand

The Advanced Online Training

Modules: 18
Code: BOOT-R-A
Term: 19 Weeks
Price: £17,991
A comprehensive training that covers all aspects of OSINT
Next course: On Demand

allow up to 4 hours for each module