Axeten Cookie Policy & Capabilities

We use the absolute minimum number of cookies with low intrusion capabilites to allow for effective deployment of the website and minimal assistance with marketing.

We never sell or otherwise disclose any information gathered by a cookie to any other party.
We never operate cross site tracking cookies.

We do not operate marketing campaigns based on information gathered from cookies, as we do not gather any information that would assist in the development of a marketing campaign.
We do use data gathered from cookies to assess our marketing capabilities. For example, if we ran a campaign targeting the jurisdiction of Malaysia, we would access our statistics package to determine if more people from Malaysia are accessing out website.
Also, the statistics might give us other useful information that night affect our marketing strategy. For example, if the statistics indicated that most people view our website from a mobile phone not a desktop, we would completely redesign the website so that it is optimised for mobile. uses only the six cookies detailed in the table below.

These cookies are small text files stored in your browser and therefore on your computer.
This is how all cookies from any website are stored.
This is not unique to Axeten.

None of the cookies we use gather any personal information about you.
With the information we do gather, we make no attempt to iidentify you personally, with the exception of the last paragraph.

In the table below, you can see fthe purpose and duration of each cookie. uses Javascript to improve the appearance of the website.
The first cookie in the list detects if your browser has Javascript turned off.
If JS is off, the website will not display for you, and the cookie allows us to tell you why the website does not display.

There are two cookies that register  our opt-in or opt-out preference.

This is misleading. All you 'opt-in' to is the message about why the website not display.
The record of if you are opted inor out
and the three Google Anaytics cookies.


The 3 Google Analytics cookies.
We collect the minimum information to learn how many poeple are visting our website and other parameters related to those visits.
There is no way for us to gather any personal information about you from the cookies we set.

In exceptional circumstanes, we might use data collected by cookies to help us detect any harm directed at the website.
For detail of this possible activity, please make a request using the contact page.


Essential cookie-agreed Application 3 months Stores whether a user has provided consent for cookies to be stored.
Essential cookie-agreed-categories Application 3 months Stores which cookies a user has consented to.
Essential cookie-agreed-version Application 3 months Stores which cookie policy version a user has consented to.
Analytics _ga Google Analytics 2 years Used to distinguish different users for the purposes of collecting information on site usage.
Analytics _gid Google Analytics 24 hours Used to distinguish different users for the purposes of collecting information on site usage.
Analytics _gat Google Analytics 1 minute Used to throttle the request rate to Google Analytics.