Axeten accepts instructions from corporate entities, government agencies and registered Private Investigators.
An instructing client should be registered with the ICO or equivalent data protection agency in their jurisdiction.

Axeten does not accept instructions from private individuals.
Where a private person might require our services, they should engage a lawyer, or private investigator, who shall instruct Axeten on their behalf.

To instruct Axeten, in compliance with the GDPR, record the lawful basis and the purpose of the investigation process.
Where required, ensure that a Data Protection Impact Assessment has been conducted and the outcome is recorded.
It is not necessary to remit to Axeten any DPIA or the Lawful Basis.
These steps are essential for your safe instruction process. Training is provided.
In many cases, the legal basis is 'Legitimate Interest'. Where this might differ, please record the alternative.

By e-mail, send to our e-mail address, case at axeten.com an instruction that includes all the items marked as *mandatory as much of the other information as possible:-

  • a case reference number *
  • the case name
  • where appropriate, a Company name
  • the scope of the investigation *
  • the purpose of the investigation *
  • the name of the (primary) subject *
  • the full name of the (primary) subject *
  • names of other subjects, or known associates
  • any respective internet account names
  • date of birth of the subject(s) *
  • an e-mail address assigned to the subject(s) *
  • a mobile phone number assigned to the subject(s) *
  • details of any specific event
  • details of any specific items
  • a known location (current or previous addresses)
  • other details relating to the subject(s)
  • priority; standard or urgent

The more info you are able to provide, the quicker the research process, so the cost to you is lower.



The instructing party is obliged to provide adequate Personal Identifiable Information (PII) relating to the Subject of the investigation. So that, Axeten shall be able to make a positive identification of the Subject of the investigation. The adequate PII is their Full name, DoB and physical address.

Where the instructing party provides online intelligence that purports to relate to the Subject, Axeten shall process the investigation on the basis that the Subject has been identified accurately and Axeten shall not be liable should the identified person not be the Subject.


Axeten shall respond with a notice of acceptance and the anticipated delivery date.

Standard delivery is usually 15-20 working days.

Where an instruction is marked as 'Urgent', delivery is 3-5 working days, but the instruction will incur a premium fee, 50% above the standard rate.


Universal Instruction Conditions

So that the instruction might be processed in a satisfactory manner, it is understood by the instructing Client is the Data Controller and that Axeten is the Data Processor.
So that in any instruction where the data protection responsibilities of the parties are not explicit, it is understood by both parties that the instruction from the Data Controller shall provide the Data Processor with the Lawful Basis and Authority to process any personal data of any party, named or not named in the instruction, on behalf of and for the benefit of the Data Controller.

In response to each instruction, an Acceptance e-mail shall be sent by the Data Processor to the Data Controller. The Data Controller shall be invited to refresh their memory of their obligations under the GDPR, by way of a link to this page.
The Data Processor shall regard the Lawful Basis and Authority to be transferred by the Data Controller, where no message to the contrary, is received within 24 business hours of the remit of the acceptance to the Client.

However, a new client, that has not previously engaged the Supplier, shall be obliged to comply with this condition in writing.



Case Specific Instructions

Personal Injury: provide the date and location of the incident and the reported injury and effects on their lifestyle.
Staged Accident: date and location of the accident
Employee Absence: date absence began and reported reason for the absence.

Brand Protection/Corporate Client Care
Private Client Care
Please provide sufficient detail to commence and direct the process.

The minimum information required for each subject is:-

- Name (or nickname/account name) of the Subject
- Date of Birth
- Known Location (current or previous address)

Further Subject information that shall allow for an expedited investigation might include, phone numbers, email addresses, occupation/employer details, known close family and associates.