Footballer jailed for sex with a child

The 2016 conviction of Sunderland AFC asset Adam Johnson, for the crime of sex with a child and a subsequent 6 year prison term, raises the awareness of the value of Social Media Surveillance. "Speaking through tears for much of her exchange with Orlando Pownall QC, defending Johnson, the girl said she had been 'bigging herself up' with some messages to friends on social media. Pownall asked her about a Snapchat message that was subsequently posted on Facebook that had said: “He’s picking me up this week and I’m riding him". ”

Effective Social Media Surveillance, and timely reporting of matters relating to this asset, would have protected a £10m investment, prevented the perpetration of a crime and the subsequent imprisonment of the asset. Also, the CEO of Sunderland AFC would not have been required to resign from her position.