OSINT Due Diligence omission in UK Labour Party

In the UK, on 1 March 2015, the National Executive Committee of the
Labour Party select a new candidate, Naseem Shah, to stand against
the incumbent, George Galloway, for the Bradford West seat,
in the upcoming  May 2015 General Election.

Prior to any selection of a candidate, Due Diligence, including an OSINT
investigation of Social Media space, might be performed.

Had the Labour Party NEC performed Due Diligence on their candidate, the
investigation would have detected that on 5 August 2014 Ms. Shah had
published anti-semitic posts on Facebook.

15 May 2015 sees Naz Shah win the Bradford West seat with a majority of

27 April 2016, Naz Shah MP is suspended from the Labour Party,
with the anti-semitic Facebook posts, published in August 2014,
being cited as evidence of anti-semitism.