The axe10app Case Bundle: Reporting & Audit


The Ministry of Justice (England and Wales) is rolling out the Common Platform
axe10app is compatible with the Common Platform



When using axe10app, all of the digital MATERIAL that is gathered during an investigation is saved within the axe10 Case Bundle.



During the management of a case or an OSINT investigation, every action taken, all material imported, and with an OSINT investigation, every search string deployed and web page visited is recorded and time-stamped to create an Audit Log. All imported material and screenshots captured are saved with a time-stamp to the Audit Log. All records made to the Audit Log are automatic and the Audit Log is read-only, providing the user with the highest eForensic confidence.

Every file receives a unique hash SHA-256 value. Anyone accessing an Evidential Report may easily reference the Audit Trail and the corresponding hash file, allowing for quick verification of the material capture process.

Each modification acquires a new hash value, so that any attempt to modify or remove incriminating data shall be exposed by the different hash value. A hashes comparison feature quickly reveals any modification or deletion within the case bundle. 

The Audit Log and hash values are saved in the case bundle as files, within their own folders, providing Evidential Reports with high forensic confidence of integrity.

With the disclosure process, the defence counsel may consult the Audit Log and Hashes files to verify the evidence.


Deployment Log & Decision Log

Case Managers and OSINT Researchers have access to a Deployment Log and a Decision Log.