axe10: an investigation application with eForensic & eDisclosure Capability


axe10 facilitates fast and effective OSINT and Social Media research and allows the researcher to gather evidence from restricted sources. The application guides the researcher through the research and reporting process with extensive attribute sets.

The quality of research is enhanced with a guided process that provides the opportunity to conduct thorough research, while the time taken to perform the research is reduced by up to 50%, with two highly effective toolboxes.

axe10 provides Help with extensive documentation, and;
Hints with integrated lists of relevant and appropriate resources, selected by jurisdiction.



Key to axe10 is the Evidence Report created during each investigation.

The Report allows text and images to be pasted into the Report from any web or locally held resource.

Agency report templates can be integrated into axe10

Evidence that is saved to the case bundle is hashed with SHA-256.

The time taken to compose an Evidential Report is reduced by 80%, thanks to an editable report template.

The Evidential Report provides a consistent layout with good grammar and syntax, so that it reads well and is highly professional. The presentation of evidence complies with best practice.

Report Compliance



Axeten has developed a sophisticated template that allows for targeted Reporting of Investigation types, depending on the subject of the Investigation.

axe10 attributes act as an 'aide memoire' for the researcher, so that the search for valuable evidence might not be overlooked. The attributes provide direction for the researcher.

The Evidential Report template provides pre-applied and relevant text either side of each evidence asset. All text can be edited by the researcher. As the researcher acquires evidence, the report self generates, so that axe10 expedites the reporting process, permitting the investigator to focus on the research and then, where required, the report can be modified.



All activity is recorded with URL logging, time-stamping and screenshot capture of digital assets, that are saved to an Audit file, that provides a reference and evidence verification.
Time stamping is automated and the Audit Trail is accessible from each evidential asset, throughout the Report.
The Audit Trail is saved as a separate, tamper proof, file.

More on Audit Trail



axe10 is compatible with the UK digital case system.

axe10 is compatible with Cyber Intelligence/Digital Network Intelligence, where data is gathered from Cyber Space (CYBINT/DNINT) sources.

Axeten is able to implement a Template Set that is supplied by the client.


Why Choose axe10

axe10 is a cross platform application that is used every day by the Axeten research team. The Axeten Researchers advise the technical team of bugs and enhancements, so that axe10 performs optimally. Axeten uses axe10 to perform research for customer investigations, so that axe10has support free status, for all customer users.

By using axe10, the Axeten research team has cut the time it takes to perform research, and to generate a report, by about 70%.
This provides Axeten with a significant commercial advantage for our research division.
An advantage that can be gained by any customer that acquires axe10.

Automatically, ax10 compiles an Audit log of all sites and other resources that are visited during the research.
Each file acquires a hash value. This is a record to verify the source of all evidence.

axe10 provides a Decision Log, that allows the researcher to note decisions, opinions and ideas that might be relevant to the case.

Axeten has an in-house team of researchers.
The  Axeten research team, and our customer feedback, allows our development team to keep axe10 up to date, with the rapidly changing landscape of OSINT/i3.

Data resources are suggested to the researcher, with relevance to the type of research they seek to perform.


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