The Axeten Guarantee covers all OSINT investigations, open source intelligence gathering and investigation processing services. It does not cover Track and Trace.

Our fee is waived, so that no invoice shall be raised, where Axeten is not able to locate and report on any on-line social media or other internet content relating to a Subject.

This is conditional upon:-

       1. Adequate Personal Identifiable Information (PII) being provided by the instructing party as set-out in the instruction guidelines. So that, Axeten shall be able to make a positive identification of the Subject of the investigation.

       2. Where relevant online accounts are located but the PII provided is not sufficient to make a positive ID of a Subject, the guarantee does not apply.
          You have other options to identify a subject from private databases of with the services of a Private Investigator.

Where you have already processed an investigation that located accounts set to private, and you are instructing Axeten to process the same subject, you should include details of the accounts already located. This way, we will not claim to have located those accounts and if we are not able to locate any other accounts, with intelligence that might be actionable, the guarantee will apply.

Where Axeten has already processed an investigation into a particular subject, and you instruct a follow-up investigation, you are obliged to send to Axeten the original investigation report.
In compliance with the GDPR, we do not retain previous investigations. They are deleted from our servers.

For more detail about the Axeten Guarantee, specifically relating to bulk purchase orders, please refer to the research contract in the documents section.

Conditions apply. Consult the OSINT Investigation Instruction Guidelines & Conditions.


Cost Mitigation

At all times, Axeten seeks to provide value for money and to avoid customer disappointment. Where the subjects of an instruction are located, so that the Axeten guarantee does not apply, but where, after an extensive search, Axeten is not able to locate much valuable information about the subject, voluntarily, but with no legal obligation, we typically reduce the fee, up to a maximum of 50% of the quoted price or the guideline price, whichever is prevalent. The fee charged is at our discretion, but we always aim to provide an equitable cost/benefit to our customers.

We know how disappointing it is to have to pay for something that has little or no value. But please understand that because valuable information might be difficult or impossible to locate, within the legal parameters that apply to Open Source Intelligence gathering, Axeten will have spent more time on the disappointing case, than is usual on a case with a satisfactory outcome.

To end on a positive note, 90% of cases we process have a satisfactory outcome!