Private group Blended Online OSINT Training (BOOT) courses for up to 20 trainees on a course.

For Law Enforcement practitioners in the UK, the Blended training goes beyond III OSINT and introduces your powers under the IPA 2016 and how III OSINT relates to requests under the legislation.
The process is similar in other jurisdictions. Consequently, these courses are appropriate for Law Enforcement Officers in any jurisdiction.

The Blended courses provide a very detailed 'deep dive', into III OSINT. For each module, the trainee is expected to read a PDF with in depth information that relates to III OSINT. The trainee will acquire extensive knowledge and an elevated understanding of the many issues that relate to III OSINT, as well as the technical skills to be a accomplished processor.

The Blended courses are designed for leaders and decision makers within an organisation.
There is an 18 module Advanced course which covers 'everything OSINT' and five short courses with specific outcomes.
These courses require a significant commitment. They are ideal for for Team Leaders and people who intend to make a career out of III OSINT.

Why Train with Axeten?

  • Axeten specialises in III OSINT
  • Up to date III OSINT training material
  • Free follow-up e-mail updates
  • Blended Courses
  • Gradual learning with high retention
  • Assessment & Certification with CPD credits
  • Six BOOT Courses
  • For Team Leaders
  • For Aspiring Career III OSINT Practitioners
  • Up to 20 trainees on one course
  • All available modules

More reasons to train with Axeten

Blended Online III OSINT Training Courses (prices/course) for up to 20 Law Enforcement trainees

The Foundation Course

Modules: 5
Code: BOOT-U-F
Term: 6 Weeks
Price: £4,041
The Legal & Safe Processes for OSINT Practitioners.
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The III OSINT Essentials Course

Modules: 4
Code: BOOT-U-E
Term: 5 Weeks
Price: £3,591
The Essential Capabilities of an OSINT Practitioner.
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The Social Media Course

Modules: 3
Code: BOOT-U-S
Term: 4 Weeks
Price: £3,141
Facebook, X (Twitter), Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and many more
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The Deep & Dark Course

Modules: 3
Code: BOOT-U-D
Term: 4 Weeks
Price: £3,141
Databases & Marketplaces, Blogs & Forums, News Media & Dark Web
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The New Tools Course

Modules: 3
Code: BOOT-U-T
Term: 4 Weeks
Price: £3,141
Data Breach, Command Line processing & Advanced Applications
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The Advanced III OSINT Online Training

Modules: 18
Code: BOOT-U-A
Term: 19 Weeks
Price: £17,991
A comprehensive training that covers all aspects of III OSINT
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allow up to 4 hours for each module

You can customise a course from the 18 BOOT modules