CPD Credits for OSINT TrainingOnline OSINT training services for Corporate investigators, Third Sector and Institutional investigators, including Law Firms and Private Investigators and anyone else with a remit to process online investigations.

Axeten has the capacity and the flexibility to meet all your OSINT training requirements, regardless of scale or complexity.

The online courses can be attended by a single person, or by group of people, from an organisation.
A group can be private with a choice of online or classroom training. OSINT Distance Learning Courses provide a very low cost high quality training experience.

Allow 4 hours for each module.

Here is a summary of courses that are available for Online Training.

Why Train with Axeten?

  • Axeten specialises in OSINT
  • Up to date OSINT training material
  • Free follow-up e-mail updates
  • Online & gradual learning with high retention
  • 'Open' & Private group online training
  • Assessment & Certification with CPD credits

More reasons to train with Axeten

PRICES & AVAILABILITY of the Live Online Training (prices/person)

These courses are open to anyone with an OSINT investigation remit

The OSINT Course

Modules: 8
Code: LOT-X-O
Term: 8 weeks
Price: £399
The OSINT Training Course covers all the salient matters of OSINT investigations. This course is for beginners, returners and self taught investigators.
Next course: Wed 11 Sept to Wed 30 Oct 2024

The OSINT Refresher Course

Modules: 6
Code: LOT-X-R
Term: 6 weeks
Price: £299
The Refresher course is designed for OSINT practitioners that want to refresh their skills and get up to speed with the most popular OSINT resources and techniques.
Next course: Wed 3 July to  Wed 7 Aug 2024

The Private OSINT Updates Course

Modules: 4
Code: LOT-P-U
Term: TBA
Price: £2,739
This course is designed for experienced OSINT practitioners that want to expand their capabilities with the latest resources and techniques. This course is for knowledgeable and proficient OSINT practitioners. The Updates Course is available only as a private Online Training.
Next course TBA

The SOCMINT Course

Modules: 3
Code: LOT-X-S
Term: 3 weeks
Price: £199
A very popular course. It is designed for OSINT practitioners that want to acquire the capability to process user accounts on Social Media Platforms, Blogs & Forums and Online Marketplaces. This course is suitable for beginners and returners.
Next course: Wed 5 June  to   Wed 19 June 2024

The Command Line Course

Modules: 2
Code: LOT-X-C
Term: 2 weeks
Price: £299
The course is designed for OSINT practitioners that want to process their investigations from the command line. This course is for experienced OSINT practitioners.
Next course: TBA

A Customised LOT (Private only)

Modules: TBA
Code: LOT-P-X
Term: TBA
Price: TBA
The online private course can be customised with a selection of any of the 20 available modules. Select your preferred modules to create a course that fits your online training requirements.
Next course: On Demand