Customised Open Source Intelligence Online Training for Private and Closed Groups.

Create your own online course from the 18 Blended modules and the 20 modules that make up The OSINT Training,  The OSINT Refresher, The OSINT Updates The SOCMINT and the Command Line courses.

A Blended Online OSINT Training (BOOT) or a Live Online Training (LOT). A combination of BOOT and LOT modules is available.

Course Code Class: BOOT-X-C


Course Code Class: LOT-X-C

CPD Credits: TBD


Each module has its own training objectives. The training objectives of the course are set by the client, depending on the modules selected.


The learning outcomes are set by the client depending on the modules selected.

CPD Credits

Each module has been accredited for Continuous Professional Development. Consequently, all custom courses are assigned CPD credits.
Locate the CPD value of each blended module by accessing a module from the >>  modules page

There are 32 available modules.

The 18 modules that make up the The OSINT Training,  The OSINT Refresher and The OSINT Updates courses.
These are Live Online Training modules with a typical duration of 210 minutes each.

Also, there are 18 Blended modules.
Mixing regular and blended modules on the same custom course is possible, but this can be confusing where trainees take both types of module.
If trainees take only one type of module, it usually works better.
In the next section, we explain how to make a mixed custom module work well for the client.

Custom courses are always closed group, where only delegates assigned by the client organisation can attend.
Usually, delegates attend all of the modules in a custom course.
However, the client can create a custom course and then assign delegates to attend specific modules.
This works well where the client has a mix of practitioners, some might have considerable experience while others are complete beginners.

Blended modules are made up of reading material in PDF and a Live Online Training, that is provided usually 1 week after the PDF is provided.
Where other modules in the custom course are regular online training, the BOOT modules can be disruptive for some trainees.
For each Blended module the trainee should have 1 to 2 hours of study time, to read the printed material.

Live Online Training (LOT) components of a Blended course are delivered on days agreed with the client and the duration of each LOT is 120 - 180 minutes. Most LOTs are 150 minutes.

In a Blended module, the Live Online Training component will commence with a Q&A session; so delegates can ask any questions concerning the current module.
After that, the trainer will cover the salient points of the module in some detail.
Many modules are packed with real-time live demonstrations.
The trainer might set a short quiz to see how you are doing.

The intention is that, by the end of each Live Online Training, every delegate shall have the capability to conduct the OSINT processes relevant to the current module.

The delivery schedule is determined by the client.

There is no maximum recommended quantity of trainees.
The client chooses the number of trainees.

The Live Online Training is delivered through two platforms, concurrently. They are the privacy aware BraveTalk and Zoom.

With BraveTalk, we provide one URL to connect and the same URL works for all modules on the course.
It is not necessary to download and install the Brave browser. You can connect with any browser, though Brave is a Chromium Browser and so BraveTalk does work better on another Chromium browser.
Zoom is not not privacy conscious. Even though Axeten has a premium account, Zoom will try to collect data about people connecting to the LOT.
So why do we use it? Because its popular and people rely on it.

Each LOT can be accessed from your office, from the delegate's home or even from a mobile device.

However, to fully participate and to process any tasks set by the trainer, during the Live Online Training, it's always more productive to use a desktop computer with two displays.
With one display, you can observe the training and on the other display, you can process any tasks set by the trainer.

The assessment process for the Blended modules.
At the end of each module there is an optional test that does not count towards the pass mark.
At the end of the course, there is a final exam that includes all of the Blended Modules taken during the course.
Delegates that pass the final exam shall receive a certificate with CPD credits.
The quantity of questions and duration of the exam will depend on the modules taken.
The candidate will require access to the internet to process live investigations.
The CPD pass mark is 70%.
Otherwise, a Certificate of Attendance is issued with no CPD credits.

In the LOT courses, there is a test at the end of each module. Pass all tests and there is no requirement to take the Final Exam.
Fail any test and the Final Exam can be taken.
Individual trainees may opt to not take the test, or to use them only for practice, with the intention to take the Final Exam.
The CPD Pass mark is 70%

Pricing will vary depending on the modules selected and the delivery schedule agreed with the client.