Assessment, Certification and Frequently Asked Questions


The assessment process is specific to the course type. However, some attributes are common to both.

  • The cost of assessment is included in the price of the training.
  • All assessment is by way of an online multiple-choice test or exam.
  • One instance of the Final Exam is free for everyone who has taken a course provided by Axeten.
  • For all assessment, you need a reliable and unrestricted internet connection.
  • The Final Exam is available only after a course is completed.
  • Final Exams are taken on a day of the trainee's choice, within 30 days of the last day of training.
  • All assessments should be taken in 1 sitting with no breaks. The is no pause option.
  • The pass mark is 70%
  • Final Exam retakes are available but will incur an admin fee (see below)
  • No two tests or exams are the same. For every test or exam, the questions differ.
  • Each module is assessed separately and has its own CPD credits.
  • On any course, if you pass just one module, you will receive a Certificate of Achievement and CPD credits for that Module.



On The OSINT Training, OSINT Refresher & OSINT Updates courses,
Module Tests are available immediately after a module has been completed.
Before the first Module Test, you will have had some practice, with exercises during the LOT.
Trainees that pass all of the Module Tests do not have to take the Final Exam.
There are no Module Test retakes.
If any Module Test is not passed, the trainee can take the Final Exam.
Where the Final Exam is passed, the course is passed and a Certificate for the course is Awarded.

Trainees on a classroom course take their Module Tests & Final Exam online.



On the Blended Courses, weekly tests are available after each module.
The weekly tests are optional but highly recommended.
People that do not take the weekly tests tend to struggle with the Final Exam.
To pass the course, the Final Exam has to be taken and passed.



III (OSINT) Final Exams Available to Anyone

If you did your III (OSINT) training with another provider,
or you have been doing III (OSINT) for years and know the subject matter well,
and all you want, is a certificate; this is for you.
You can pay to take an Axeten Final Exam.
The pass-mark to receive a certificate is 70%.
Prices for Exam only practitioners display in the tables below.


Online & Classroom Courses : Final Examinations

Course Name
Code Classes
Time Available
The III / OSINT Training Courses
60 Mins
III / OSINT Refresher Courses
45 Mins
III / OSINT Updates Courses
30 Mins



Blended Courses : Online Only : Final Examinations

Course Name
Code Classes
Time Available
Foundation III / OSINT Courses
15 Mins
Essential III / OSINT Courses
25 Mins
Social Media III / OSINT Courses
35 Mins
Deep & Dark III OSINT Courses
45 Mins
New Tools III / OSINT Courses
40 Mins
Advanced III / OSINT Courses
120 Mins



Customised & Distance Learning Courses : Final Examinations (retakes only)

Course Name
Code Classes
Time Available
III / OSINT Distance Learning
120 Mins
Customised III / OSINT Courses


* Prices do not include VAT
Retakes are available and charged at 50% of the prices listed above.

Final Exam payment

Final Exam Retake payment



Open Source Intelligence Certification for all Courses

III (OSINT) Certificate Display: Personalized with the candidate's name, date of examination and score (optional).

III (OSINT) Certificate Ownership: Where a training is purchased by an organisation, the organisation has the right to have it's name display on the certificate.

III (OSINT) Certificate Delivery: 10 working days.

III (OSINT) Certificate Price: Included in the exam fee.

III (OSINT) Certificate Pass Mark: The pass-mark is 70%, and you can choose to have your score display on your certificate.


Axeten OSINT Certificate Verification Service

Using the form, any prospective employer can verify a certificate by sending the name and date of examination to Axeten.

Also, you can request the score attained by the candidate.

There is no charge for this service.



Axeten III (OSINT) Exam FAQs

Q1. I took a course with a different training company. Can I take the Axeten III (OSINT) exam?

A1. Yes. Anyone can take an exam. Choose the exam that works best for the skills & knowledge you have acquired.


Q2. Previously, I took the exam at the end of the Axeten Distance Learning course, but I scored only 68%. I know I can do better. I have studied some more. Can I retake the exam?

Q2. Yes. You can retake the exam at any time, but there is a fee. It is half the price of the list prices that display above.


Q3. Does my score display on the certificate?

A3.Yes, but only if you wish.


Q4. I have been doing III (OSINT) for years, but I am self trained. Can I take the exam?

A4. Yes. Choose the exam that works best for the skills & knowledge you possess.


Q5. If I don't take a course and take only the exam and don't do so well in the exam, can i get a discount on an Axeten training course?

A5. Yes. The course fee will be reduced by 50% of the value of the exam you took. For example, if you took a Blended Advanced III (OSINT) exam, any Axeten course is reduced by £60.


Q6. What do I need to take the exam?

A6. Other than good knowledge of the subject matter, you should have a reliable internet connection, a reliable computer with an up-to-date operating system, with at least one Mozilla & one Chromium browser installed and up-to-date. Also, we recommend that you should deploy a reliable Synthetic Identity and a non-attributable connection to the internet.


Q7. I took the Final Exam, but was called away on an important matter. When I came to resume the exam, it had timed out. Can you restart the exam at the point where I had to leave?

A7. A Final Exam has to be taken in one sitting with no interruptions. Do not start the exam until you are sure you can comply. You need to pay online for a retake.


Q8. Can I see what CPD credits are available on all your courses?

A8. Please see the CPD Accreditation Summary page. For Law Enforcement Officers, the CPD credits are a little greater


Q9. I don't want to take any tests or exams. All I want to do is learn some OSINT. Is that OK?

A9. Yes, but if your employer has paid for the course, you might want to get their agreement about no assessment. You will not receive any CPD Credits.


Q10. For the live training I missed, I did watch the recordings. Even though I failed the exam, can I have a Certificate of Attendance?

A10. No. If you fail the assessment, to receive a Certificate of Attendance you must have attended all of the LOTs.


Q11. I did not get the seriousness of this course until module 2, so I failed the Module 1 Test. After that you can see I scored 90% or more and on 3 modules I got 100%.
Do I really need to take the Final Exam? It seems a bit unreasonable!

A11. Yes you do.


Q12. My employer blocks access to Facebook so I could not answer the Facebook questions and failed that Module Test. I am worried about the same happening in the Final Exam. Can I have an exemption from Facebook questions? And if so, I guess I do not need to take the Final Exam!

A12. Before you take the Final Exam, be sure that your employer grants you with access to Facebook and all other Social Media platforms covered in the course. If that does not happen, consider taking the Final Exam from home or somewhere else that does not restrict internet access. Your employer needs to take the OSINT Foundation Course.