The private live online courses are available to public authorities with employees that have a remit to process internet investigations and to locate intelligence from the internet. This includes Trading Standards.

Axeten has the capacity and the flexibility to meet all your III (OSINT) training requirements, regardless of scale or complexity.

These Law Enforcement courses are for private groups of Public Authority employees with up to 20 trainees on a course.

These are 5 short courses, detailed below.
Also, Axeten provides 6 Blended courses that are a deep dive into OSINT.



Each module includes two items of training material.

1. A Help Notes & Links file in PDF. One for each module.
The pages correlate to the slides in the LOT with step-by-step process descriptions and links to all of the online resources covered in the module.
Trainees do not spend any time taking notes. All the notes they will ever need a provided. Trainees can focus on the LOT.

2. After each module, a video recording of the LOT can be requested. Never miss a thing with an Axeten Live Online Training.

Why Train with Axeten?

  • Axeten Specializes in III (OSINT)
  • Axeten processes investigations for clients
  • Up to date III i3 training material
  • Reviewed before each delivery
  • Free follow-up e-mail updates
  • Online & gradual learning with high retention
  • A choice of 5 Private Online OSINT courses
  • Assessment & Certification
  • Each Blended module is assigned CPD Credits
  • One Blended 18 module Advanced course
  • A choice of 5 Blended short courses
  • Blended Courses for Team Leaders
  • Private courses to fit your schedule

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Private & Live Online Training for Law Enforcement (prices/course).

Up to 20 trainees on each course.

The Private III OSINT Course for Law Enforcement

Modules: 8
Code: LOT-P-O
Term: TBA
Price: £4,389
The private live online OSINT Training Course covers all the salient matters of OSINT investigations. This course is for beginners, returners and self taught practitioners.
Next course: On Demand

The Private III OSINT Refresher for Law Enforcement

Modules: 6
Code: LOT-P-R
Term: TBA
Price: £3,289
The private live online OSINT Refresher course is designed for III practitioners that want to refresh their skills and get up to speed with the most popular OSINT resources and techniques.
Next course: On Demand

The Private III OSINT Updates Course for Law Enforcement

Modules: 4
Code: LOT-P-U
Term: TBA
Price: £2,739
The private live online III OSINT Updates course is designed for experienced III practitioners that want to expand their capabilities with the latest resources and techniques. This course is for knowledgeable and proficient OSINT practitioners. This course is available only as a private online training.
Next course: One Demand

The Private III SOCMINT Course for Law Enforcement

Modules: 3
Code: LOT-P-S
Term: TBA
Price: £2,189
A very popular course. It is designed for III OSINT practitioners that want to acquire the capability to process user accounts on Social Media Platforms, Blogs & Forums and Online Marketplaces. This course is suitable for beginners and returners.
Next course: On Demand

Private III OSINT Command Line for Law Enforcement

Modules: 2
Code: LOT-P-C
Term: TBA
Price: £3.289
This private live online III OSINT Command Line course is for experienced III practitioners who want to significantly extend their capability to locate publicly available intelligence that might not display with regular OSINT techniques.
Next course: On Demand

Customised Private III OSINT LOT for Law Enforcement

Modules: TBA
Code: LOT-P-X
Term: TBA
Price: TBA
The private live online Customised III OSINT course allows the client to select any of the 20 available modules to create a course for III practitioners that fits their requirements
Next course: On Demand