OSINT training services for corporate and institutional investigators. Anyone with a remit to process online investigations and attend these courses.



There is a choice of 3 online or classroom OSINT courses and 6 Blended OSINT courses that are available for only online delivery.

The 3 OSINT courses are designed to train active practitioners; people that are processing investigations on a regular basis.

The 6 Blended OSINT Online Training (BOOT) courses are ideal for team leaders and they provide the knowledge required for any organisation intending to set-up an OSINT Investigation department.

The Foundation Course is essential for anyone with operational and legal oversight for an OSINT team and this course allows technical providers to understand the requirements of the OSINT team.

The Online courses can be attended by a single person or by group of people from an organisation.

Axeten is an accredited CPD provider with the capacity to meet your OSINT training requirements, regardless of scale or complexity.

Private group online or classroom training is available on request. A private training may be customised to create a course that fits the client's requirements.

Also, Axeten provides a Distance Learning Course and a Life Long Learning programme.

Why Train with Axeten?

  • Axeten specialises in OSINT
  • Axeten processes investigations for clients
  • Up to date OSINT training material
  • Free follow-up e-mail updates
  • Online & gradual learning with high retention
  • 'Open' online training
  • Private group online training
  • Classroom training
  • Assessment & Certification
  • CPD credits awarded on a passed exam
  • One 18┬ámodule Advanced Blended course
  • A choice of 5 short Blended courses
  • A choice of 3 Regular OSINT courses
  • A Distance Leaning option
  • A Life Long Learning programme.

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