Volume Discounts for the open Online Training Courses

Discounts apply on a single order.

  • Applies to orders more than 8 trainees
  • So that for 9 or more trainees the price is reduced
  • To a limit of 16 trainees
  • By as much as 30% for the additional trainee(s)
  • This is why an online purchase has a maximum of 8 trainees
  • Contact Axeten for a quotation.


Online Training Deferment Policy

For open courses, advance purchasing is acceptable.
This allows you to purchase courses in advance.
At the time the order is placed, you might not know the names of all of the delegates. That is OK.
Start dates may be deferred at your discretion.
So that the start date of a course might be deferred to any course, within the following 12 months, from the date of the Purchase Order.

Combine deferment and the volume discount to substantially reduce your cost of training.

Also, during any online course, where the trainee has to defer for any reason,
the trainee may join a subsequent online training,
either at the point where they deferred or from the beginning of the course.

The Blended courses do not work so well for deferment, because at the moment, we provide the Blended courses only once each year.


Classroom Training

No discounts or deferments are available.


More Info

Summary of CPD credits and for Law Enforcement, they differ slightly.

Summary of all the modules in the Blended Courses and for Law Enforcement, they differ slightly.

Summary of all the modules in the Online Distance Learning & Classroom Courses.

Assessment, Certification and Frequently Asked Questions