A cutting edge 4 module course, that brings the experienced and competent OSINT practitioner up to date with the latest techniques and resources.

Available to individuals who are experienced OSINT practitioners.

At the moment, this course is available only as a private group online training.

A Distance Learning Course (DLC). There is no direct contact with the trainer.

Study the 4 modules in your own time.

Each module of the OSINT Updates DLC includes two items of training material.

1. A video recording of a recent Live Online Training (LOT) event.
The trainee gets to see how each process is performed.

2. A Help Notes & Links file in PDF
The pages in this file correlate to the slides in the video, with step-by-step process descriptions and links to all of the online resources covered in the module.

Both the video and the PDF can be viewed on the Axeten server, or they can be downloaded and retained.

Course Code Class: DLC-X-U

CPD Credits: 16 Hours


The OSINT Updates course introduces, explains and demonstrates, new techniques and resources that make up an extensive attack surface available to the OSINT practitioner.


The practitioner will have knowledge of many new OSINT resources and the capability to deploy them in live investigation processes.




Module 1: Google Resources

    Epieos & Manual processing
    Google Documents
    Google Drive
    Google Cloud Console
    Command Line Capabilities

Module 2: Social Media Updates

    Twitter capabilities since the compromise of tools, that started on 10 April 2023
    Instagram new capabilities
    Facebook new capabilities
    LinkedIN new capabilities
    Processing TikTok
    Processsing Threads
    Processing Mastodon de-centralised servers
    Command line processing of Social Media

Module 3: Geolocation Techniques & Resources

    Technique to determine Date:Time of A Satellite Image
    Technique to determine Date:Time of Street View & Other Images
    Reverse Image Search with Geolocation focus
    Processing with HuntIntel
    Processing with Echosec

Module 4: Processing Data Breach & Leaks

    Processing with Synapsint
    Processing with Seon
    Processing Data Breaches
    Data breaches on the Dark Web
    Searching downloaded data-sets 


At the moment, these are projected prices. The course is not currently available as a DLC.

This course is the DLC-X-U. Distance Learning Course - OSINT - Updates

The price for one person in the UK is £199+VAT Pay Now!

The price in Euros with RCM applied is €232.00  Pay Now!

The price in Euros with TVA/VAT included is €278.40  Pay Now!

For all VAT/TVA & RCM payments, an appropriate receipt will be provided.

If you are not in the EU (EEA) or UK, VAT is not charged. To request a payment URL Contact us

Anyone can take the DLC-X-U, though this course does assume an extensive knowledge of OSINT processing.
Trainees can start the DLC-X-U at any time for their choosing, or to coincide with an open LOT-X-U course.
This format provides an option to upgrade to the concurrent or to a later LOT-X-U course.

Or the course can start when the trainee chooses and they can take up to 2 months to cover all of the modules.
Where the course is taken to coincide with a LOT-X-U, by e-mail, one module is delivered when the previous module is completed.
Where the course does not coincide with a LOT-X-U, all modules are delivered at the beginning of the course.

There are 4 modules.

Where the course coincides with a LOT-X-U, for each module, the delegate has the option to take the online test.
Module tests allow someone with oversight to gauge the progress of the trainee.
Where a module test is not passed, the trainee can the final exam at the end of the course.
Pass either the module tests with an average score of 70% or the final exam with 70% to receive a certificate

The module tests have between 5 and 10 questions.
Time allowed: 30 minutes.
The candidate will require access to the internet to process live investigations during the module tests.
Where the 70% pass mark is achieved, CPD credits are awarded.
Where a pass mark of 70% is not achieved for every module, but an aggregate mark of 50% is achieved, a Certificate of Attendance is awarded.

The Final Exam has about 20 questions and 60 minutes are permitted to take the Final Exam.

Where a course does not coincide with a LOT-X-U, there are no weekly tests, only the final exam.
The final exam should be taken within 2 months of delivery of the 4 modules.


Twice a year, Axeten conducts a complete review of all of the training material.
Any significant update located during any review is applied to the training material.
All review and update activity is recorded and signed off by a director.



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Trainees might find that they struggle to complete the DLC-X-U and never feel confident about taking the final exam.
The trainee can easily upgrade to a LOT-X-U and benefit from Live Online Training (LOT).

Upgrade from a Managed DLC-X-U to a LOT-X-U with a Live Online Training (LOT) for £70 + VAT per trainee.

Check out the dates of the next LOT-X-U

Scope: An OSINT Updates course covering the recent matters relating to OSINT.

Audience: Designed for all OSINT practitioners.

Jurisdiction: The Legal and Policy module relates primarily to the UK and the EU. Otherwise, the principles taught relate to any jurisdiction. Axeten is developing Legal and Policy modules for other jurisdictions.

Format: Distance Learning with One Live Online Training each week with Help Notes.

Technical Requirements: No specialist equipment is required, just a standard desktop or laptop computer with a good Internet connection and a Firefox Browser. A webcam and a microphone are optional.

Data Protection: Each organisation and all its trainees, that take the training are responsible for protecting the data that might be processed during the training. Do not leak data to corporate interests. To do this, avoid the use of the Chrome or Edge Browsers.

Copyright: Each recipient of the training is obliged to protect any digital asset provided by Axeten. There is no right to distribute the material to anyone else. This includes people inside your organisation.

Security: Each recipient of the training, and any purchasing organisation, is obliged to ensure that all computers and devices used during the course, are not compromised, so the material is not distributed unintentionally.

Accreditation: All courses are accredited by The CPD Group.

Sign-up: Please contact Axeten to sign-up for the training or to request more information.