The Command Line Applications OSINT Processing Course - a private Live Online Training in 2 Modules for up to 20 trainees, that teaches the essential skills and techniques to process Command Line Applications as part of an OSINT investigation.

The belief that Command Line processing is useful for only intelligence gathering is no longer accurate. With Command Line processing, it is possible to locate and gather posts, comments and images from social media platforms that might no longer display in the web interface.


Delegates should be experienced OSINT practitioners,

A Live Online Training (LOT) course.

For each module of the Command Line course, two items of training material are provided.

1. A Help Notes & Links file in PDF. One for each module.
The pages in this file correlate to the slides in the LOT with step-by-step process descriptions and links to all of the online resources covered in the module.
Trainees do not spend any time taking notes. All the notes they will ever need a provided. Trainees can focus on the LOT.

2. After each module, a video recording of the LOT can be requested. Never miss a thing with an Axeten Live Online Training.

Course Code Class: LOT-P-C

CPD Credits: 8 Hours


The Command Line Training teaches practitioners how to locate intelligence and material from a wide variety of applications that are accessed from the command line.


The practitioner will have acquired the capability to safely deploy an investigation, in compliance with the legislation and will know how to locate and gather open source intelligence and material from multiple sources and to connect people and organisations through their online activity, even where an entity might have no intended on-line presence.


LOT-P-C PRICE: £3,289 + VAT per course of up to 20 trainees  PAY NOW



Assessing the various Operating Systems and the different ways to deploy them including Virtual Machines, Linux Platforms, Browser accessible consoles, the Linux layer in the Windows OS and an Android Application,



Processing with several OSINT Command Line Applications that might include, MOSINT, Social Analyzer, Phone Infoga, Snap Intel, ReconNG, Totatis (Instagram), The Harvester, Xeuledoc, Cardpwn & Poastal.



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Courses start on demand at the client's choosing.

The Online OSINT Training has 2 modules delivered in a term of 2 weeks with 2 Live Online Training events.

Live Online Training (LOT) events are delivered on Wednesdays.

Start Notice: By e-mail, each delegate is sent a reminder, 24 hours and 1 hour before the upcoming Live Online Training commences.

Each Live Online Training is delivered in the morning, within the UTC 0 time zone.

Axeten has the capacity to deliver in other time zones.

The typical duration of a LOT is 240 minutes. 30 Minutes is for the Module Test.

Each Live Online Training will commence with a Q&A session; so delegates can ask any questions about the course and any previous module.
After that, the trainer will cover the salient points of the current module in some detail.
Processing modules are packed with real-time live demonstrations.

Trainees can interact with the trainer. Where the trainer sets a task, the trainee can share their screen to display their processing of the task.

At the end of the course, monthly updates to changes in the OSINT space are provided by e-mail to each delegate who subscribes to the monthly OSINT newsletter.

The client may choose the delivery platform. 
Our preferred delivery platform is Brave Talk because it respects user privacy.
Also, there is a choice of Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

With BraveTalk, we provide one URL to connect and the same URL works for all modules on the course.
It is not necessary to download and install the Brave browser. You can connect with any browser, though Brave is a Chromium Browser and so BraveTalk does work better on another Chromium browser.
Learn all about browsers in module 3 of the BOOT course.

Zoom & Teams are not privacy conscious.
Even though Axeten has premium accounts, Zoom & Microsoft will collect data about people connecting with these platforms.
Also, each module will have an different URL and therefore an invite for each module.
So why do we use them? Because they are popular, particularly with IT service providers and people rely on them.

Each LOT can be accessed from your office, from the delegate's home or even from a mobile device.

However, to fully participate and to process any tasks set by the trainer, during the Live Online Training, it's always more productive to use a desktop computer with two displays.
With one display, you can observe the training and on the other display, you can process any tasks set by the trainer.

Assessment & Certification is optional. The client decides.

All assessment is online with multiple choice questions.

At the end of each module, the trainee can take a Module Test.
Where all Module Tests are passed with a score of 70% or more
there is no need to take the Final Exam.

If a pass mark to not achieved on any Module Test, the trainee can take the Final Exam.
At the beginning or during the course, the trainee can decide to use the Module Tests only for practice
with the intention of taking the Final Exam at the end of the course.

Module Tests have only 3 or 5 questions and 30 minutes are permitted to complete the test.
The Final Exam has about 10 questions and the time allowed is 60 minutes.

Where the course is passed, a Certificate of Achievement is awarded with CPD credits.
The trainee can elect to have the average Module Test score or the Final Exam score display on the certificate.

Where the course is failed, but the trainee has attended all of the Live Online Training events, a Certificate of Attendance is awarded.

Both of the Live Online Training modules are recorded.
After the each module, a video of the LOT is made available for each delegate to download.
There is no additional fee for the recording service.


Twice a year, Axeten conducts a complete review of all of the training material.
Any significant update located during any review is applied to the training material.
All review and update activity is recorded and signed off by a director.



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The monthly Axeten OSINT Newsletter provides info about new tools, techniques and resources.
The best of these are built into the next OSINT Updates course.
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When a trainee cannot attend any module on a private online course, the trainee will receive all of the training material for the missed module and a video recording of the missed Live Online Training.

Also, there is an option to join the same module that was missed on a subsequent Open LOT-X-C course.
No charge.

Scope: A Command Line Application Training Course covering the salient matters

Audience: Any OSINT practitioner within the private group.

Jurisdiction: No limitations

Format: One Live Online Training each week with Help Notes.

Duration: 2 weeks is recommended but the client may modify the delivery term

Technical Requirements: No specialist equipment is required, just a standard desktop or laptop computer with a good Internet connection and a Firefox Browser. A webcam and a microphone are optional.

Data Protection: Each organisation and all its trainees, that take the training are responsible for protecting the data that might be processed during the training. Do not leak data to corporate interests. To do this, avoid the use of the Chrome or Edge Browsers.

Copyright: Each recipient of the training is obliged to protect any digital asset provided by Axeten. There is no right to distribute the material to anyone else. This includes people inside your organisation.

Security: Each recipient of the training, and any purchasing organisation, is obliged to ensure that all computers and devices used during the course, are not compromised, so the material is not distributed unintentionally.

Accreditation: All courses are accredited by The CPD Group.

Sign-up: Please contact Axeten to sign-up for the training or to request more information.

Private Online Training
In Command Line Applications
Course Code: LOT-P-C

For up to 20 Trainees

CPD Credits: 8 Hours
Starts on:
On Demand

Recommended 2 Modules over 2 weeks

The client may vary the delivery term

Price: £3,289 + VAT per course